FIFA Ranking: Belgium remains top, India still on 97

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With the current FIFA ranking, Belgium remains on top with 1733 points.  England jumped on top five with 1619 points. India also still remains on 97 with current FIFA ranking.  Belgium is edge ahead of France with 1 point and put France to the second position.

Belgium is on winning trail and recently defeated Switzerland by 2-1. Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Mertens are in incredible form and proved why Belgium is in the top of rankings.

All the other teams are way behind to Belgium (1733) and France (1732). Brazil ranked third with 1669 points and Croatia with 1635 points. The point difference between  France and Brazil is 63 and difference between Croatia and Brazil is 97. It proves Belgium and France beats all other teams in the world by a large margin and no one is near to dethrone them.

Colombia and Argentina are top contenders to enter in top 10. Argentina slides down from 11 to 12 and Colombia slides up from 14 to 11.

Top 10 teams in men FIFA Football rankings.

  1. Belgium
  2. France
  3. Brazil
  4. Croatia
  5. England
  6. Uruguay
  7. Portugal
  8. Switzerland
  9. Spain
  10. Denmark

In the Women’s FIFA ranking, the USA remains on top and Germany on second. Indian Women Football team is also consistent with one position ahead. India is now rank to 59 in women category.

Top 10 teams in women FIFA Football rankings.

  1. United States of America
  2. Germany
  3. England
  4. France
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. Japan
  8. Brazil
  9. Sweden
  10. Netherlands

Indian Football team is in good form and as they are set to appear in Asia Cup next year, Indian team is expected to rise more in FIFA rankings.

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