Indian Fifa rank 97 : continuous in maintaining top 100

indian football team, sportswhy, Indian Fifa rank 97

Indian Fifa rank 97 and the team is continuously maintaining its position.  Cricket is a famous sport in India but in recent time Indian Football had started to create a fanbase. India had already qualified for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

The Blue Tigers had maintained under 100 ranking since May and doing best to regain it. India’s best Fifa ranking of all the time is 94. Indian Football Team achieved it on February 1996. With the current form, Chettri and company can break this record.

It is a big achievement for Indian Football.  Indian sports are in a transition era where people are becoming more curious about other sports other than Cricket. Indian Football team is in good form. They had qualified for AFC Asian Cup and even going on an unbeaten run of 30 matches.

India’s Fifa rank records-

indian fifa ranking, sportswhy, Indian Fifa rank 97

India had achieved its best ranking in February 1996 as 94 and worst ranking in March 2015 as 173. Indian fans are expecting to break the all-time best record of 94. Right now Indian team had 1244 points. Teams above India have no major difference. Uzbekistan had 1245 points and Israel and Qatar had 1247 points.

In recent time Indian team had touched ranking 96 as well. India’s unbeaten run of 30 matches played important role in this. The Blue Tigers need just an extra boost to go up to the ranking. The AFC Asian Cup will be the great opportunity for India to achieve more in rankings.

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