3 Reasons why WWE Crown Jewel will not cancel

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From many fronts, WWE is forced to cancel Crown Jewel but WWE is going ahead with Saudi Arabian pay-per-view.  Cancel Crown Jewel is trending between online wrestling community but WWE will not cancel it.  Removing a big show just before 2 weeks is not an easy task. It will badly affect reputation and also badly affects financially. Here are three reasons why WWE will not cancel Crown Jewel.

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#3 Superstars are not against it

WWE superstars are not against of Crown Jewel pay-per-view. It is a big pay night and no one wants to miss it.  Due to its high payday amount superstars do not want to cancel Crown Jewel. Shawn Micheals is returning from retirement for the night in DX Vs Brothers of Destruction match. WWE is paying him a huge amount.

If WWE has to cancel Crown Jewel than it will be a big financial loss to them. Superstars will also lose a big payday.  Survivor Series 2018 cannot replace payday to Crown Jewel.

#2 Have to move matches to Survivor Series

If WWE cancels Crown Jewel than they had to move already announced matches to Survivor Series 2018. Moving the matches to Survivor Series is not an easy task.  WWE had already some plans for Survivor Series and they will be scratched from this.

It is not easy to move plans from one pay-per-view to another pay-per-view. Storylines will be affected and WWE has to announce this to live show also, which is not an easy task.

#1 Big money

10 years contract of $500 million with Saudi Arabia is huge for WWE. WWE had to organise two matches in a year and if WWE does not organise Crown Jewel than it will be a violation of the contract. Results may be WWE will lose Saudi Arabian contract and huge money.

In the end, WWE is a private organisation and they had to think about their financials too. People who are forcing WWE to cancel Crown Jewel are not thinking about big money.