4 reasons why Kofi Kingston made Elimination Chamber 2019 Unforgettable

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 had exceeded its lackluster expectations on the paper. There are many unforgettable moments from the show like Kofi Kingston’s performance, Sasha Banks and Bayley won Women’s tag team championship, Becky Lynch in the arena and many more.

Kofi Kingston won the crowd with an incredible, over hour-long performance in the main event. However, after made it so close, Kofi was not able to win the WWE championship. Daniel Bryan retained the title after pinning Kofi in the last. Here are four reasons why Kofi Kingston made WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 unforgettable.

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Best Elimination Chamber match of all-time

Arguably, Kofi Kingston’s performance made the Elimination Chamber 2019 men’s match as one of the best chamber matches of all time. Xavier Woods and Big E always said that their goal was to make sure Kofi Kingston becomes WWE Champion and he was very near to achieve this. The spots in the match were very near to perfect. Other competitors in the match like AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy also performed excellently in the match.

He broke the internet after the show

After the Elimination Chamber got over, the internet was broken only with the name Kofi Kingston. Twitter was filled with the support of Kofi all over the world. Fans on all over the internet asking Kinston Vs Bryan match at WrestleMania 35. Now fans will remember the night in the name of Kofi for sure. Some of the tweets after the show are-

The crowd was with him

After some time in the main event, the crowd was cheering only for Kofi Kingston. It looked like everyone in the attendance now only want, Kofi to win the championship. Kofi was the star of the whole match as he was the last man to be eliminated in the match. However, his performance in the gauntlet match and the elimination chamber match had lifted him on the upper card.

A hint of WrestleMania 35

Now, it looks like Kofi Kingston is the front runner to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 for WWE Championship. Things will be very clear in some days but his performance had made him a front runner. There are many options available for WWE and let’s see whom WWE will choose.

You can read full results of the Elimination Chamber 2019 at WWE site.