WWE Survivor Series 2018 results

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Survivor Series 2018 results went beyond expectations. From Charlotte’s heel turn to Bryan’s blockbuster encounter everything goes right beyond expectations of WWE Universe. WWE Survivor Series 2018 results were unpredictable as RAW went for the clean sweep against SmackDown Live.

Raw was the clear winner of Survivor Series by 6 – 0 against SmackDown Live. SmackDown had some of the best superstars of the WWE but still, they were not able to win a single match on the main show.

Kickoff show

10-On-10 Traditional Survivor Series Match: The Usos, The New Day, The Colons, The Good Brothers, And SAnity vs Bobby Roode And Chad Gable, The Ascension, Lucha House Party, The B-Team, and The Revival

The show was kicked off by the New Day and awesome promo. The match was part of kickoff show. It had some great actions but in the last, The Usos eliminated The Revival to won the match for their team.

Sole Survivors– The Usos

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Main Show

Team Raw defeated Team SmackDown Live in 10 women elimination match

Before the match got started some changes were made. Natalya and Ruby Riott were replaced by Sasha Banks and Bayley. During the entrance and match, Nia Jax mocked her punch to the fans all time. In the last, she eliminated Asuka to become sole survivor and got the victory for her team. In the last Jax even betrayed Sasha Banks to get the advantage over Asuka.

Below is the order of elimination in the match.

  • Tamina super kicked Naomi and eliminated her.
  • Carmella rolled up Tamina to eliminate her.
  • Deville destroyed Mickie James with a running knee to the face. As Deville tried to pin James, Rose pushes Deville out of the way to get the pin for herself. James eliminated.
  • Carmella eliminated her Bayley by Bayley-to-Belly.
  • Sasha Banks put Mandy Rose in Banks statement to eliminate her.
  • Bayley and Deville both counted out.
  • Asuka put Banks in Asuka lock and eliminate her.
  • Nia Jax leg drops Asuka four times and eliminated her.

Sole Survivor – Nia Jax

Seth Rollins defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

The Intercontinental champion was the dominant force at the beginning but the United States champion Nakamura made comeback in between the match. Both the superstars tried to avoid the pin against each other.

There were some about to pin moments but both superstars somehow kicked out. In the last, Rollins hit stomp to won the match. This made victory number two for the Raw team.

AOP defeated The Bar

Before the match began, The Bar was favorite to win the match as they have Big Show by their side. But the newly crowned Tag Team champions gave them strong competition.

Maverik interference played a big role in AOP’s victory over The Bar. This victory had made AOP on a strong position on Raw. It marked a third consecutive loss for SmackDown Live against Raw in the night.

Buddy Murphy defeated Mustafa Ali

The match was a tough contest with high flying actions. In one of the move, Murphy threw Ali in the air to directly barricade. The result was predicted before the show because no one in 205 rosters had worked well against Buddy Murphy.

Both superstars got many chances in the match but in the end, Murphy retained his title. The match was one of the best in the night in terms of action.

Team Raw defeated Team SmackDown Live in a 10-man elimination match

Team SmackDown did their best to put Strowman almost out the match. When Strowman was out in the match, things were looking easy for SmackDown team.

As soon as Strowman returned in the ring, he single-handedly eliminated four of five superstars from SmackDown team. In the Strowman and McIntyre started to fight with each other until others got involved.

Below is the order of elimination in the match.

  • McIntyre eliminated Samoa Joe.
  • Mysterio 619 and dropped the Dime to Finn Balor to eliminate him.
  • Shane hit coast-to-coast to Dolph Ziggler and eliminated him.
  • Strowman power slammed Jeff Hardy for elimination.
  • Mysterio tried the 619 but Strowman caught him and hit the power slam. Mysterio eliminated.
  • Strowman hit the slam to The Miz. Team captain eliminated.
  • In the Strowman caught Shane McMahon and power slammed him. Shane also eliminated.

After the match, Baron Corbin attacked Strowman from behind.

Ronda Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair via disqualification

From the starting, Charlotte was leading in the match. She almost made Ronda Rousey tap out on figure four lock. In the match, Rousey was even busted open from the mouth.

But as far as Charlotte realised that she would not win it, she attacked Ronda with sticks. It resulted in a disqualification win for Ronda Rousey. Charlotte attacked Ronda with the steel chair and even attacked referees who came for rescue.

Brock Lesnar defeated Daniel Bryan

The fans were considering this as another Lesnar’s squash match before the match get started. Even in the beginning, Lesnar dominated the match. Lesnar hit multiple Suplex City to Bryan and almost defeated him.

In the middle, when fans almost think the match is ended with Lesnar’s dominance once again, a twist came. Lesnar tried to hit another F5 to Bryan and Referee got hit by Bryan’s landing. Bryan took advantage and low blow Lesnar and consecutive running knees.

Even Bryan put Lesnar in the hold to almost made a tap out. In the last, Lesnar won the match by pinning Bryan. The current WWE champion gave tough competition to WWE Universal champion.

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