WWE SmackDown March 5, 2019 Preview | R-Truth’s US open challenge

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WWE SmackDown March 5, 2019 episode will feature yet another US Open challenge for United States championship by R-Truth. Last week Vince McMahon shocked the WWE universe and replaced Kofi Kinston with Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship. Now what they are planning for this week.

This week’s RAW was a strong show. You can find results on wwe.com here. Now all focus will be on SmackDown Live on 5th March today. The storyline between the Miz and Shane McMahon is also getting high now and so what WWE is planning for this week’s SmackDown Live? Let’s have a preview for this.

Will Kevin Owens make SmackDown Live his show?

Last week Vince McMahon shocked the WWE universe and bring back Kevin Owens. Not only bring back but also replaced Kofi Kingston from WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan. KO made a strong impact on last week’s return by pinning Daniel Bryan.

Another thing Owens showed on the night was thunderous Stunner. Now how WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will respond on this? Will the New Day try their tactics to add Kofi Kingston again for the WWE championship match at Fastlane? Questions will be answered on SmackDown March 5, 2019 episode so stay tuned.

R-Truth US Open Challenge

R-Truth followed the path of John Cena last week to become the greatest US champion of all time by defending his championship in an open challenge. However, his challenge was not accepted by one but accepted by two superstars. Rey Mysterio and Andrade accepted his challenge and R-Truth took both the opponents in the match.

Mysterio and Andrade focused on each other and Truth took the advantage to get a roll-up pin on Mysterio. Now, Truth announced yet another United States Open challenge. So, who gonna respond this time? Are we going to see a title change tonight?

The Miz Vs Jey Uso

Before their SmacDown Live Tag Team championship match on Fastlane, The Miz will square off Jey Uso live tonight. The tag team champions The Usos tried to convince Shane McMahon that the Miz is a joke. However, Shane refused and made it clear that Miz will be his partner in Fastlane.

Fastlane will set to happen this weekend in the Miz’s hometown Cleveland. The heel turn is expected from either one of them in the show. So, are we going to see a glimpse of this heel turn tonight?

Will The Hardy Boyz become the greatest tag team again?

Last week, Matt Hardy returned and reunited with Jeff Hardy for the first time since 2017. They defeated The Bar in a strong tag team match. In the interview later, Hardy Boyz said that they join forces to prove themselves as the greatest tag team in time and space.

Are we going to see The Hardy Boyz again in action tonight? Will the quest to become the greatest tag team continue? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight.

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