WWE SmackDown Live 12 March 2019 Results | Mr McMahon put roadblock for Kofi Kingston

WWE SmackDown Live 12 March 2019 Results | Mr McMahon put roadblock infront of Kofi Kingston

Shane McMahon kicked off SmackDown Live. Before he explained his actions on Fastlane 2019, fans started chanting “You Suck”. He also forced announcer to call him ‘the best in the world’ multiple times. He said, beating up The Miz in front of his dad gave him a rush and he will again do this at WrestleMania 35. (So another match confirmed for the show).

Aleister Black, Ricochet and The Hardy Boyz vs. The Bar, Rusev, and Nakamura

Black and Nakamura started the match. Ricochet and Sheamus were next to be tagged in. However, in some time all superstar action started in the ring. The Hardy Boyz hit a big double team to Cesaro. Sheamus took Matt, Black took Sheamus, Rusev took Black and then Ricochet took Rusev.

Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb to Cesaro and go for the pin. However, all the other members of his team saved him. The ended up being in chaos when The New Day ran down to the ring and attacked the Bar. Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise on Rusev in the end.

Result – Match was ended to no result after the interruption from the New Day.

At backstage, Smackdown Tag Team champions The Usos said that they got the New Day’s message. They also said they are ready for any opponent they got at WrestleMania 35.

Randy Orton and AJ Styles face off in the ring

Randy Orton came to the ring and reminded AJ Styles that he is nothing as compare to him. Orton explained everything from his beginning to the debut in WWE ring. Orton mocked Styles that when he was fighting in indies, I was fighting with the Undertaker. I was winning the world championships in WWE.

AJ Styles came to the ring and mocked Orton by saying “You should have followed by career very closely in indies”. Styles explained why he is best and mocked Orton’s pose. However, Orton replied by mocking Styles’ too sweet gesture. Styles said Orton used Evolution, Edge and The Wyatt Family to stay relevant.

AJ Styles wanted to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 35 but Orton left without accepting the challenge.

Asuka Vs Sonya DeVille

The match was a short one. DeVille started the match by attacking Asuka. However, Asuka countered the attacks very well and ended up making a huge knee to the face of Deville. Asuka attacked Mandy Rose who was present ringside and then in the ring put DeVille in an Asuka Lock for the win.

At backstage, The IIconics challenged Women’s Tag Team champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have bitter exchanges

Becky Lynch came out to the ring and threw away her crutches to show the world that he has been healed now. She calls Charlotte to the ring. Charlotte came to the ring and said she waited so long for the title back and at WrestleMania, she will do it. Lynch reminded her that, she is the Man and she will leave the WrestleMania with the title on her shoulder.

Samoa Joe and Andrade Vs Rey Mysterio and R-Truth

The match advertised before the show was Samoa Joe vs R-Truth. However, WWE booked this 4 man tag team match instead. Andrade and R-Truth started the match and Truth dominated early.  Joe and Mysterio tagged in then. Outside the ring, Vega was attacked by Carmella.

Truth hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Joe but Joe took him down with a huge kick. However, Mysterio rolled up Joe to get the win. Joe frustrated from this and attacked Truth and Andrade both. Mysterio retreated backstage to save himself.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan Vs Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali

Bryan and Owens started the match. Ali and Rowan were tagged in and Bryan came back in to hit a submission on Ali. After that, Bryan and Rowan do a double team to hit Ali with big top rope move.

Owens and Ali sent Rowan out with a double superkick. In the end, Rowan took the tag and hit Ali with a big slam to get the victory for his team.

Mr. McMahon gave Kofi Kingston an opportunity

Mr. McMahon walked out after the match and said that he was there to give the crowd what they wanted. The New Day came to the ring and demanded the title opportunity for Kofi. Xavier and Big E said Kofi deserved better and Kofi deserved more.

McMahon told the New Day that Kofi is an extraordinary athlete and but Kofi had to admit that he will go, Hall of Fame, one day but only as a part of The New Day. He called Kofi a B+ player. Kofi asked Mr. McMahon “What I need to that to get what I need?”.

Top SmackDown Live heels Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar, and Rowan with Bryan walked out the stage and Mr. McMahon informed Kofi that he had to beat them all in a gauntlet match next week to get the title shot. Heels attacked The New Day but New day survived and sent them out from the ring to end the show.

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