WWE Mixed Match Challenge results – 9th October 2018

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This week’s WWE Mixed Match challenge was interesting.  Team B’N’B fought against the team Monster Eclipse and team Fabulous Truth fought against Fenomenal Flair. AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair are very interesting to watch and they proved again. Below are the Mixed Match Challenge results for October 9th, 2018.

B’N’B Vs Monster Eclipse

From the beginning, the crowd wanted to see Monster among men Braun Strowman and Finn Balor go head to head. However, Ember Moon and Bayley started the match and Ember took the early advantage in the match. After some to and from Ember tagged Strowman and forced Balor to the match.

Balor tried to compete against Strowman but Monster among men shows him why he is called the monster. Somehow, Balor dodged Strowman and tagged Bayley to force Ember in the match. Bayley fired up in the match and both traded blows until a kicking combination to end it forced Bayley to her knees. Bayley planted Bayley-to-Belly to Ember for the pinfall.

Strowman broke the pin and tagged himself. Balor dived onto Strowman but when he went for Coup de Grace, the Monster among man did power slam to end the match.

Result: Monster Eclipse won by pinfall.

Later, it is revealed that Kevin Owens has been taken out from WWE Mixed Match challenge because of Bobby Lashley’s attack on him on Monday Night Raw. So, Natalya will need a new partner next week against Country Strong (Bobby Lashley and Mickie James).

Fabulous Truth Vs Fenomenal Flair

Charlotte was already injured so it could be an easy journey for Fabulous Truth.  R Truth and AJ Styles started the match and crowd was chanting “What’s up” and “Woo”. Both men began dancing and tagged Carmella and Charlotte and dance. Carmella, R Truth, and Charlotte did split in the ring and now crowd wanted AJ to do so. AJ was not able to complete the split and Fabulous Truth laughed at him.

Now the real action started and Charlotte threw Carmella outside the ring tried figure 4 lock outside the ring. Later, Charlotte attempted a pin but Carmella broke it and tagging was made to AJ and Truth.  AJ quickly went for the pin but Carmella broke it. Now R Truth landed the Axe kick on Styles but Charlotte saved the match.  In the end, Styles did a roll-up pin to win the match.

Result: Fenomenal Flair won by pinfall.

Monster Eclipse and Fenomenal Flair advances in WWE Mixed match challenge to 2-0.