SmackDown 1000 : 3 surprises that can happen

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SmackDown 1000 is coming and WWE Universe looking for some surprises. WWE is always up for giving surprises on big and special shows and SmackDown 1000 will nothing different.  WWE already surprised fans in RAW 25 and the 1000th episode is probably going to be a big one.

It is already known that The Undertaker is going to return on SmackDown 1000 and Rey Mysterio will battle Shinsuke Nakamura in SmackDown 1000. Batista will be back and the Evolution will reunite. Raw superstars will also be involved in the show.

Here are 3 surprises that can happen on SmackDown 1000.

#3 Raw superstars attack SmackDown Live roaster.

SmackDown 1000 is the best platform to kick off Survivor Series storylines. Roaster of both brands is very strong and it can lead to a blockbuster clash on Survivor Series.  Raw invading SmackDown will be an unforgettable moment for WWE Universe.

The show promises some classic moments and Raw invasion will make it more classic and the official kick-off for Survivor Series.

#2 The Undertaker returns and sets up a dream match

The Undertaker is about to return on SmackDown 1000 and it is a good chance that he will attack any superstar and set up a dream match for near future.  AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and many more list is too long and opportunity is coming in tomorrow night.

The Undertaker’s involvement always creates buzz and his recent feud with Triple H and Shawn Micheals is one the best example. Match with the deadman always elevates career of superstars, so be ready for SmackDown 1000.

#1 Batista back for one more match

The last tenure of Batista with WWE was not good because he was pushed too hard besides Bryan’s popularity. The result was, fans rejected Batista. Now things have changed, Bryan has now involved in the title picture with AJ Styles and nobody is as popular as Bryan was that time. Batista can set up a dream match for Survivor Series, Royal Rumble or even for WrestleMania.

It’s not easy for Batista to gain fanbase again but old WWE fans still love Batista and he can gain benefit from it. All speculations will be cleared after SmackDown 1000 and fans are eagerly waiting for it.

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