Sachin Vs Lara: 3 Amazing facts

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One of those relentless discussions which still make us drool over their staggering records comes in the form of Sachin Tendulkar vs Brian Lara.

They are two of the greatest batsmen of the modern era.

On records, Sachin dominates Lara in both formats Test and One Day cricket. But the ability to bat steadfast under pressure was the hallmark of Lara. Lara played with a number 10 batsmen and scored a century, which Tendulkar never did.

One thing you have to see that Sachin dominates Lara in all aspects except the Highest Score in Tests. So, the discussion never ends, Let’s take a look at three amazing facts shared by these two legends.

#3 Debut against Pakistan

Sachin made his debut against Pakistan in Karachi in November 1989 aged 16 years. Lara made his debut against Pakistan in November 1990 aged 20 years.

It was a coincidence that both legends debut against same opponent Pakistan. Sachin scored 15 runs in his first innings while Lara scored 44 runs.

#2 Lara was the highest run scorer in Test until surpassed by Sachin

Brian Lara held the record for the highest total number of runs in Test career, after overtaking Allan Border. This would be later broken by Sachin on 17 October 2008 against Australia.

Another interesting fact is Lara broke the record of the highest total number of runs in Test cricket of Allan Border against Australia and Sachin broke his record against Australia as well.

Sachin’s record of 15,048 runs in Test cricket is still a milestone that is not easy to broken.

#1 First man to touch individual score milestone

On February 24, 2010, Sachin scored a double hundred in a one-day international match, played against South Africa in Gwalior, making him the first man on the planet to achieve the feat. Another historical day for cricket was, April 12, 2004, Brian Lara smashed 400 not out against England in St John’s to set the record for the highest individual score in a Test cricket.

Both men touch the milestone before nobody thinks will ever happen. Before Sachin’s 200 not out can anybody thinks that double century can be made on a one-day cricket match. Can anybody think four hundred runs by any individual in test cricket before Lara’s inning?

These records make Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara greatest of all time. What’s you say please share your opinions in the comment section.