AFC Asian Cup 2019 schedule, venue, timings and tickets

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AFC Asian Cup 2019 will be the biggest Football tournament in Asia.  India is clubbed with the host nation UAE, Thailand and Bahrain in Group A. The defending champion Australia is placed with Palestine, Jordon and Syria in Group B. South Korea and China are clubbed with Kyrgyzstan and Philippines in Group C. Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, and Yemen are locking horns in Group D. The 3 times champion Saudi Arabia is placed with Qatar, Lebanon and North Korea in Group E. Top favorite team Japan is placed with Uzbekistan, Oman and Turkmenistan in Group F.

AFC Asian Cup 2019 venues

  • Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain
  • Al Nahyan Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah Stadium, Sharjah
  • Sheikh Khalifa International Stadium, Al Ain
  • Al-Maktoum Stadium, Dubai
  • Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai

AFC Asian Cup 2019 tickets

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AFC Asian Cup 2019 schedule

DateGroupMatchesTime (IST)
5 Jan 2019Group stageUAE vs Bahrain20:00
6 Jan 2019Group stageAustralia vs Jordan15:00
6 Jan 2019Group stageThailand vs India17:30
6 Jan 2019Group stageSyria vs Palestine20:00
7 Jan 2019Group stageChina vs Kyrgyzstan15:00
7 Jan 2019Group stageSouth Korea vs Philippines17:30
7 Jan 2019Group stageIran vs Yemen20:00
8 Jan 2019Group stageIraq vs Vietnam17:30
8 Jan 2019Group stageSaudi Arabia vs North Korea20:00
9 Jan 2019Group stageJapan vs Turkmenistan15:00
9 Jan 2019Group stageUzbekistan vs Oman17:30
9 Jan 2019Group stageQatar vs Lebanon20:00
10 Jan 2019Group stageBahrain vs Thailand15:00
10 Jan 2019Group stageJordan vs Syria17:30
10 Jan 2019Group stageIndia vs UAE20:00
11 Jan 2019Group stagePalestine vs Australia15:00
11 Jan 2019Group stagePhilippines vs China17:30
11 Jan 2019Group stageKyrgyzstan vs South Korea20:00
12 Jan 2019Group stageVietnam vs Iran15:00
12 Jan 2019Group stageYemen vs Iraq17:30
12 Jan 2019Group stageLebanon vs Saudi Arabia20:00
13 Jan 2019Group stageNorth Korea vs Qatar15:00
13 Jan 2019Group stageOman vs Japan17:30
13 Jan 2019Group stageTurkmenistan vs Uzbekistan20:00
14 Jan 2019Group stageUAE vs Thailand20:00
14 Jan 2019Group stageIndia vs Bahrain20:00
15 Jan 2019Group stageAustralia vs Syria17:30
15 Jan 2019Group stagePalestine vs Jordan17:30
16 Jan 2019Group stageSouth Korea vs China17:30
16 Jan 2019Group stageKyrgyzstan vs Philippines17:30
16 Jan 2019Group stageVietnam vs Yemen20:00
16 Jan 2019Group stageIran vs Iraq20:00
17 Jan 2019Group stageOman vs Turkmenistan17:30
17 Jan 2019Group stageJapan vs Uzbekistan17:30
17 Jan 2019Group stageSaudi Arabia vs Qatar20:00
17 Jan 2019Group stageLebanon vs North Korea20:00
20 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group vs 3rd Group A/C/D15:00
20 Jan 2019Round of 16A runner-up vs C runner-up18:00
20 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group D vs 3rd Group B/E/F21:00
21 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E15:00
21 Jan 2019Round of 16B runner-up vs F runner up18:00
21 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group A vs 3rd Group C/D/E21:00
22 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group C vs 3rd Group A/B/F17:00
22 Jan 2019Round of 16Winner Group E vs Runner-up D20:00
24 Jan 20191st QuarterfinalTBD17:00
24 Jan 20192nd QuarterfinalTBD20:00
25 Jan 20193rd QuarterfinalTBD17:00
25 Jan 20194th QuarterfinalTBD20:00
28 Jan 20191st Semi-FinalTBD18:00
29 Jan 20192nd Semi-FinalTBD18:00
01 Feb 2019FinalTBD18:00

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