5 moments fans will remember about WWE Evolution

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The first ever women pay-per-view WWE Evolution is now ended. It lefts some of the awesome moments in WWE history. Women in WWE showed their credibility and proved that they can headline any pay-per-view in WWE.

Like every other show Evolution also had some ups and downs. Some legends and yesterday stars showed up in the night. Present WWE women outshine in the night. Let’s talk about five moments that fans will remember about WWE Evolution.

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#5 Ronda Rousey is a tough opponent

Ronda Rousey had already become the main star in WWE. Her natural fighting charisma and history with UFC had a big impact on her WWE progress.  After Roman Reigns departure, WWE needs someone else to carry their flagship show RAW.

Ronda is a tough opponent since her debut in WrestleMania. Her match with Nikki Bella at Evolution was not the best one of the night but it was entertaining to watch. Ronda’s matches are always entertaining because he is a natural hard hitter.

#4 Trish and Lita delivered once again

Yesterday stars like Trish Stratus and Lita once again delivered. At first, the match was announced as Trish Stratus Vs Alexa Bliss and Lita Vs Mickie James. Then due to Alexa’s injury, WWE make this as tag team match.  As Alexa Bliss is not recovered well finally WWE replaced her with Alicia Fox.

Trish and Lita Vs Mickie and Fox was the show opener and delivered as expected. WWE gave them a good time and they utilised it very well. No one knows the future of these two legends but modern fans will remember them from their Evolution’s performance.

#3 Legends returned at Battle royal

Some of the big legends like Torrie Wilson, Michell McCool, Ivory returned in the Battle royal. Battle royal was expected to be a time filler before the show starts but in the end, it delivered beyond the expectations.

First half was slow of battle royal but in the second half, it paced very well. Dance break between the match by Carmella and Ivory was also entertaining. In last WWE achieved what they wanted to achieve.

#2 NXT women title match

NXT Women’s title match between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler delivered according to its expectation. Although the result was not as expected by online predictors. Unpredictability also increases fans eyes on this match.

It was a hard-hitting match and one of the best in the night. Involvement of Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke also increased interest in the match. Bazsler became first ever 2X NXT Women’s champion.

#1 Last women standing match

It was the match of the night. Anything you were expecting from first ever last women standing match, you got. It was hard hitting and good storyteller match. From the beginning to the end Charlotte and Becky delivered a strong match. Even result was also satisfactory for most WWE fans.

Charlotte and Becky put a “Match of the Year” performance. The stunts they delivered will be remembered by WWE fans in the coming months. A match like this had increased expectations for more women-only pay-per-view in near future.