3 Things fans always remember from WWE Super Show-Down 2018

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The biggest WWE event in Australia and if you compare it with its counterpart- The Greatest Royal Rumble it is safe to say that it was better. The Super Show-Down had some great moments and fans will always remember them.

The show was hyped too much and it proved more than a glorified live event. The Super Show-Down had surprise title change, amazing moments and upset victories. The last match ever, Triple H Vs The Undertaker had also surpassed expectations despite their ages. For Australian fans, it was once in a lifetime moment. Here are three things WWE Universe always remember from Super Show-Down 2018.

#3 Blood war between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe fought for WWE Championship and once again Joe was remained short to become next WWE Champion. Styles saved his title and the respect that was on the line with that match.

Styles and Joe both were busted open in the match and due to their policy, WWE censored the video posted on YouTube. WWE does relax their policy on blood in a while, especially on big PPVs. One thing noticeable from this match was Joe was once again failed to capture the big one.

#2 Buddy Murphy became the champion

The hometown hero Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander for Cruiserweight Championship in one of the best matches of the night. Murphy’s victory will definitely make him star on 205 Live. Murphy and Alexander stole the show and once again proved that 205 Live only needs exposure because they have already great talents.

They were given enough time to showcase their talent in the ring and crowd was behind them. Many people said the match was unimportant but title change was the career-changing moment for Buddy Murphy.

#1 Undertaker Vs Triple H bout was beyond expectation.

The last match ever between The Undertaker and Triple H had actually surpassed expectations for WWE Universe. WWE booked Shawn Micheals and Kane in the match and it was the great move. Making the match as DX Vs Brothers of Destruction also increased the unpredictability of the match.

The involvement of HBK was expected but the way he took bumps especially on the announcer table said another story. HBK will be coming out of retirement to face The Undertaker and Kane and WWE Universe had to see at what time this will happen.

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