3 players who need to perform for Real Madrid to win LaLiga 2018-19

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LaLiga is one of the top league in the world and Real Madrid is struggling this season so far. They are struggling to score goals and currently in 5th position on points table. Injuries is another problem for Real Madrid. Tournament is long and they have still a chance to reach top of the table. Football is a team game and all players had to perform well to make this happen. However, we have choose 3 players who need to perform for Real Madrid, if they want to win LaLiga 2018-19.

#3 Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema is the only player in this list who is already performing for Real Madrid. He had scored 7 goals in 18 matches. He is also top goal scorer in LaLiga this season.

As Real Madrid had not buy any replacement of Ronaldo, his responsibilities had already increased.¬†Benzema is a key part of Madrid’s attack and results of matches will directly or indirectly dependent on his performance. Real Madrid fans will be hoping that he will be continue his performance in remaining season.

#2 Gareth Bale

As already mentioned, Real Madrid had not buy any replacement for Ronaldo this season and Bale is considered as best replacement for Ronaldo. Fans were hoping him to perform well but his performance for this season is below average.

In 15 matches, he had just scored 4 goals this season. Currently he is injured and will not able to join Madrid for next matches. Fans were hoping for him to come back quickly and send Real Madrid once again on winning track.

#1 Luka Modric

The Ballon D’Or winner and best performer of FIFA World Cup 2018 is out of perform in LaLiga this season. He outshined everyone in 2018. But his performance for Madrid this season is very disappointed. He has not scored a single goal in this season.

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After Ronaldo left Real Madrid, Modric was considered as top player in the club. His performance is directly affecting over all performance of Real Madrid. Let’s hope he perform well and win the matches for his team.