3 moments from Crown Jewel fans will always remember

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WWE Crown Jewel was met with mixed feelings. The show was already very controversial and the decision of WWE to go ahead with the show was always under questions. In the end, somehow WWE put the great show in the night.

Saudi Arabian show is always a high attendance show in WWE. WWE Crown Jewel had the total attendance of 16,000 (unofficially). Below is the opening video package used by WWE in the show.


From WWE Universal championship to World Cup tournament, WWE delivered a strong show. Some moments of Crown Jewel are unforgettable for WWE universe. Let’s discuss them.

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#1 Hulk Hogan is back

WWE hall of fame Hulk Hogan returned to WWE at Crown Jewel pay-per-view. Before WWE announced it officially, Hogan already shared this news via social media.

After allegations of racism, Hogan is not expected to return to WWE soon. Hulk  Hogan is a legend and his appearance in Crown Jewel put the smile in old fans.

#2 Brock Lesnar is once again Universal champion

It was an unexpected move and most of the fans were shocked by this decision. Most of the fans were thinking Braun Strauman will leave Crown Jewel as Universal champion.

Constable Baron Corbin’s attack on Strauman was also mysterious for some fans.

#3 WWE World Cup winner

Shane McMahon is best in the world and do you believe that?

Shane McMahon was not even in the world cup tournament but he won the tournament. Final was so much dramatic where the Miz was injured and Shane replaced him to represent SmackDown Live.

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